Weigelli Centre
Weigelli Centre
Weigelli Centre
Weigelli Centre
Weigelli Centre

Weigelli Centre

Alcohol and Other Drugs Residential Rehabilitation

The Weigelli Centre is an Indigenous, rural, residential Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation facility.

We are located on 50 hectares of rural land about 25km from the small town of Cowra in the Central West of NSW. We are about 200km from Canberra and 330km from Sydney.

For over 19 years the Weigelli Centre has provided a safe and positive place of healing for Aboriginal people suffering from the harmful effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs. Non-Indigenous people may also apply to come to the Centre.

A comprehensive evidence-based programme is offered to clients. This programme is delivered in a safe and culturally appropriate context.

There are around 18 clients on-site at one time. 24 / 7 care is provided by 15 staff. Most staff are Aboriginal.


The Weigelli Centre provides a holistic 12 week program that has a strong connection to culture and Social and Emotional Wellbeing. There is a range of program based activities which clients are expected to engage in. these are more fully explained throughout the website.

The Weigelli program also has a strong focus on building the capacity of clients to lead fulfilling and productive lives. To this end there are a number of lifeskills based activities that are run by the centre.

These include the following programs :

  • Agricultural studies
  • Art
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Community health programs including health checks, quit smoking etc
  • Cultural and culturally based excursion
  • Triple P Parenting
  • Anger Management
  • Working Bee
  • Shopping

The program also supports to assist clients to address other issues that may affect them including health, dental and legal. Throughout the program residents may be referred to a number of services such as dental, counselling and housing. Whilst the centre supports clients with these issues there are no guarantees of being able to access these services.

The cost for participation in the program is based on 75% of clients Centrelink allowance and rent assistance. Clients who enter the program are generally entitled to rent assistance. If clients’ who enter the program have debts to a government agency such as a Centrelink loan these may be able to be reduced for the term of their residence in the program. People who would like to apply for entry into the Weigelli program must declare any debts they have that may affect their ability to pay their weekly rent.

The aim of Weigelli program is for residents to be able to leave the program and remain substance free or to significantly reduce the harm that a drug use lifestyle has had on them physically, socially and emotionally.


Residents are provided with a room that consists of a bed, linen and some furniture. Residents are required to bring with them all of their clothing, toiletries and personal items. No aerosols or liquids that contain chemicals or are alcohol based are permitted.

The Weigelli Centre consists of a number of accommodation buildings, recreation room, caseworker’s office and Gym.

Any medical issues are managed by the doctor through a referral process and doctors visit Thursday each week.

Acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land on which the Weigelli Centre lies and respecting all Elders past and present