Applying To Come

Apply Here

Entry into the Weigelli Centre Program consists of :

1. Apply online through the APPLY HERE button.
2. Within 48hrs, staff from The Weigelli Centre will contact you on the number you provide.
3. Once a potential resident moves closer to a bed being available then a phone assessment will commence and supporting documentation (Criminal History etc) will be requested if applicable. Information from a potential resident’s initial application will be discussed at this point. There can be a long waiting list for a bed at the Centre however this may change depending upon client’s movement and availability of detox beds.
4. Potential clients will be encouraged to start arranging a place for themselves in a detox facility.
5. After clients have arranged for their supporting documentation to be sent to us they are asked to contact us again between 24-48 hours after it was sent. Final acceptance into the program will be given only after all supporting documentation has been approved and confirmation of detox details.

At this point once an assessment is complete and any supporting documentation is provided a detox bed will be sought.

Final acceptance will be confirmed with a phone call or email from The Weigelli Centre with a proposed admission date on it. The majority of clients who enter the program will be picked up from the Lyndon withdrawal unit at Orange after they have completed their detox. The Weigelli Centre may pick clients up after detox from the Blayney train station if staff are available to do so. Residents may also be picked up from other areas if staff are available to do so.

The steps when you arrive at The Weigelli Centre are :

1. Staff will only allow POSITIVE urine samples to be approved for admission into the program when the client has arrived directly from a detox Centre (discharge report required).
2. Entering residents will need to confirm arrival times with the Centre. The Weigelli Centre will arrange transport for clients that are being placed at the Hunter Valley site.

What to bring with you to The Weigelli Centre :

  • Identification (as much as possible)
  • Personal clothing and toiletries (including laundry detergent)
  • Reading material

What NOT to bring with you to The Weigelli Centre :

  • Mobile Phones or chargers
  • Any device with internet access
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Anything that is deemed dangerous or explosive
  • Anything that can be used as a weapon
  • Linen (all linen is supplied)
  • No vehicles or pets can be stored at The Centre